Some of you may have gotten wind of party time at my new condo on the beach at Birch Bay, July 1-4. I’d like to make a special invitation to all Red Wheelbarrow members and their families to a do-it-yourself potluck the afternoon of the 4th. Eating around six.

You won’t be the only ones. Others have been invited.

Because I’m moving in, and chaos reigns, we’re going to celebrate amidst the mess. Which means if you want to come you need to bring your own potluck dish, something to drink, a chair, towels, beach toys (I have a couple of big inner tubes), water sox for wading, sun screen, anything to make yourself comfortable. Don’t forget your fireworks!

My deck and grassy area, bathroom and kitchen are available. The beach is public, and people use it to shoot their fireworks.

My address is 7595 Birch Bay Dr, #2, in Birch Bay. (Google it with Blaine, however.) If you know where the C-Shop is, you know where I am. Right across the bridge. So cross the bridge to the sea and pull into the public parking. I’m #2 to your left, facing the beach. Or the south, for you compass-oriented people.

You can come through the street side, or just access from the beach. I’m the chartreuse umbrella, you can’t miss me. I’m on the other side the parking lot’s privacy fence.

Please no dogs. 1) The noise is terrific, and they’ll be terrified. 2) I just refinished the hardwood floor in here. Ruined, apparently, to dog’s clawing at it, and peeing on it. If you have dogs (I’m thinking of Jessica Stone and others, maybe you can come and if it’s too much trauma for your pooch, then go home? Though I hate to see that happen.)

We will be celebrating Pam Helberg’s birthday, canceled due to her Covid, and Laura’s birthday, which I missed last year. Are there other birthdays? I can’t count on getting away to pick up Costco cakes, but I if someone wants to take on that project, great.

Call if you have questions, or email me: