spring-flowersVictoria Doerper, one of our faithful RWB writers, sat down Sunday morning and a poem came to her—a poem about our community. Thank you for sharing your gift with us, Victoria!

Here it is:

What if We All Bloomed

What if we all bloomed
What if push and shove,
Take and conquer,
Those bitter forced fruits,
Blossomed instead
Into love?

What if we all bloomed
Unhampered by uncertainty,
Fortified by faith,
Tentative tendrils strengthened,
Vibrant blooms more vivid still,
Central songs unfurling
Into glitter and grit and balm.

What if we all bloomed
By embracing every tiny breath,
Every atom, every attempt
At growing into our full spirit
As in a garden,
But like no garden we’ve ever seen.

What if we all bloomed
Our very selves and souls,
In joint and several celebration,
Neither striving to be better
Nor fearing to be worse
Than each other.

What if we all bloomed
Our souls
In one grand community?
Would that be heaven?

–V. Doerper, 05.05.13