Red Wheelbarrow Anthology Submission Guidelines

stock-photo-18473382-old-fashioned-typewriterWriters, as you know, RWB is “sponsoring” our first publication. An anthology!! Read on for details.

Our Theme: Memory into Memoir. In honor of the fact that many in our community can trace our Bellingham writerly associations back to Laura Kalpakian‘s “Memory into Memoir” course, our first community anthology will focus on short memoir pieces. This anthology should reflect the vitality of the RWB community.

Process: RWB founders, Cami, Laura, and Susan T will be making the primary selections. We and others, who will form an editorial team of about 4 or 5, will offer editorial suggestions for the authors whose work is chosen to help ready their material for publication.

Submission requirements: Please read this carefully.

  1. Your memoir piece should be no more than 3000 words
  2. You should try to focus on one self-contained scene
  3. One submission per writer
  4. Please include a 150 word bio of yourself

And note our special consideration below:

As you know, Red Wheelbarrow Writers takes its title from the famous poem by William Carlos Williams. Over his long career, Williams published in literary magazines, as well as whole volumes of verse (here is a quick link to some of his poetry available online). Please have a look through his work (it is all collected in one volume if you’d like to reference that) and find a line that strikes a chord in memory. With your submission, please identify the line and the poem from which you took it. The line itself does not need to appear in your memoir essay, it simply needs to inspire your piece in some way.

Deadline: October 30, 2015.

Send to:

**Publication: MEMORY INTO MEMOIR will be a self-published production, appearing under the banner of Red Wheelbarrow Press. We will be raising funds to create the final product, and publication will be contingent on the funds coming in.

If you have experience with Kickstarter and have the skills and inclination to help create a crowd-funding video and/or you have other techno skills you’d like to lend to the project, contact me and let me know (

Let’s launch our first book for Red Wheelbarrow Writers with the fanfare it deserves. We’re on our way!!