Winter 2012: February 4 and March 3

HOW TO REVISE: Cast a cold eye…then what?

            You’ve written your whole novel (or memoir) in November.  You  know it has potential, but at present, it’s a mess. Where and how to begin to shape thirty thousand words?   Or perhaps you’ve written up to a certain point in the book or the story, and you can go no further.    Are you suffering from  writer’s block?  No.  You  need to revise what you have.  Revising shows the writer the path–the hitherto unseen, trail of breadcrumbs–in any work.  Revision allows writers  to recognize and  excavate key elements that will move your narrative forward.     This class offers writers tools to enhance their artistic vision, and strengthen their skills.  We address  the big canopy questions of narrative arc, character development, and the smaller, pesky questions.  Learn to refine away what impedes your narrative.   Leave with skills that will help you pull your work—book, story, or essay—into artistic, editorial  alignment.

More details to follow!