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Ocean of Time by Bob Duke

In September 2021 Robert Duke published his second memoir, titled Ocean of Time: Making of a Mariner, through Sidekick Press in Bellingham, WA. It is about Robert fulfilling his lifelong dream of seeing the world from the deck of a small boat, what Robert describes as a “lifetime boating saga.” Duke’s previous memoir, self-published in 2012, was titled Waking Up Dying: Caregiving When There is No Tomorrow. Both books are available from Amazon.

Pathways by Brenda Asterino

The poems in Pathways are divided into sections so one can see the progression and growth in expression and gain an understanding of what has been significant in Asterino’s life. Through her words, she expresses the need for cultural attitude changes and cultural priority shifts. Her greatest desire is for her grandchildren to have a fighting chance for a future. It is through several decades of writing and self-exploration that Asterino has learned to be more observant about the world, about culture, and about the ways in which we live and the effect that has on other people. Available at Amazon.

Bubbie’s Magical Hair by Abbe Rolnick

Bubbie, like many grandmothers, turns the ordinary into the spectacular and the mundane into something miraculous. In Bubbie’s Magical Hair, the lyrical text combines with playful illustrations to take readers on a whimsical journey as Bubbie and her grandchildren grow older, reminding us of all the ways grandparents bring us joy, comfort, and inspiration.

Through her adventures Bubbie exemplifies the key values of—education, family, tolerance, justice, charity, and kindness to others.

Brown Curls turned to gray waves… Bubbie winds her hair through the tales she has lived.

Nature and imagination combine to honor the power of all grandparents and their enduring relationships. A visual delight that can be read on many levels, exploring feelings, science, international customs, and imagination. Ribbons, stars, and dandelion dust spread magic.

This is a universal story of passing on the essence of loved ones, as life continues.

Look for her in the mirror, in the pocket of your coat, and when you look both ways crossing the street.