Dear Red Wheelbarrow Community,

            We were delighted with the energy and enthusiasm, the questions and insights generated at last weekend’s Non Fiction Proposal and Platform workshop.  You were a great group and the excitement at Chrysalis was palpable.  We heard from authors, an editor-in-chief, and writers actively engaged with platform building. We all left with new and refreshed ideas. A  few us, leery up till now, even took some tentative steps towards websites and establishing blogs…. (We know who we are.)

            Your feedback on the evaluations was also invaluable to us.  Thank you for taking the time to respond in such detail.

             Many of you wanted to take the next immediate step toward getting your work out into the publishing world.  We hear you.  Next month we will be offering a repeat of our Spring class:

Red Wheelbarrow Workshop

The Art of the Query Letter  

            The query letter is the most difficult thousand words you will ever write: the letter and description  must be exquisitely calculated to pique the interest of the terminally jaded. What will make your novel or nonfiction project shine? This one day class will offer you suggestions, examples of form, style, content—and what to avoid.  Bring a draft of your own synopsis, fiction or nonfiction. You will have the chance to revise, to read it and get suggestions to move your project forward.

            This will be an intense, one day event with a working lunch (included in the price of the workshop).   If you participated in the Non Fiction Proposal and Platform you will get a discounted price for the Query Letter workshop. 

            Stay tuned for more upcoming news from Red Wheelbarrow. We have a lot of exciting things upcoming.  We appreciate your thoughts and suggestions and are working now on building our schedule of offerings for 2012. Naturally, we’ll ask for your input.  The Red Wheelbarrow is committed to community.  After all, …so much depends….

            Please feel free to send this note along to your writing friends and associates. 

Cami, Laura, Susan