Every year, Red Wheelbarrow Writers have some fun with National Novel Writing Month—we write a collective novel! Each writer who signs up for this fun challenge gets one November day to write a chapter of 1,666 words to advance the story.

Improv rules apply: you must accept and build on the characters, settings, and story line set out by the previous days’ writers, adding your own unique twist before handing off to the next writer. Does the finished novel make perfect sense? NO! Does the narrative sometimes/always go off the rails? YES! Will it be fun? YES!

Send an email to info@redwheelbarrowwriters.com with your chosen November writing date. For a full list of rules and to see dates still available, click here.

Watch for further announcements of the title for this magnum opus and the cover image.

We hope they get your creative juices flowing.

We’ll gather in December to celebrate our joint efforts.