We had so much fun writing collectively for NaNoWriMo, that we thought maybe another collective writing project was in order. How about a writing prompt? Here’s how it would work:

1. You write a piece (fiction, non-fiction, or poetry) inspired by the writing prompt below. The prompt can remind you of something in your own life. Or it can spark a piece of fiction or poetry. No rules–except that for narrative pieces, let’s keep them at or under 2000ish words. No deadline, but let’s shoot for the end of February–that way we can read bits of our submissions at the March happy hour.

2. Post your writing in the “comment” section. If you have any trouble posting it, email it to Cami at clostman@live.com and she’ll post it for you.

3. Read one another’s pieces and comment liberally.

4. It’ll be fun.

So here’s the prompt:

The following broken balloon and note fell out of the sky into the yard of a friend of mine (Cami). I asked for it because I knew it had a story. But what is the story?

The note starts: “I love you and I’m so sorry that I didn’t help you that morning.” It ends with: “I HAVE TO LET YOU GO!” You’re welcome to use any of the other words you can make out.

Balloon Prompt