We are transforming December’s Happy Hour (SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5 AT 4:00 PM) into the reading of the collective novel. THE MUSEUM OF STRANGER THINGS is the best one yet!    

Please feel free to invite friends and family to the reading. Here’s the link to register…

This means we will not be doing a signup for readers this month, but letting each author of the collective novel read for three-minutes. The allotted time is short because we also have to allow for introductions and technical maneuvering. 

We look so forward to SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5 AT 4:00 PM, to seeing you, your entourages, and all the Red Wheelbarrow Writers, to hearing your inimitable voices read successive portions of deathless prose. November is a great month for writers.

If you want to catch up on the story before Saturday, you can find the whole thing here