Dear Red Wheelbarrow Writers!

Paint Creek Press is proud to announce publication of a  new edition of GRACED LAND, a rock and roll novel that collected rapturous reviews in the US and the UK.  You are invited to join the author and Bear, Raya and Sonatine McCreary on  JUNE 28TH at 6 PM at Goods Local Brews, 2620 Northwest Avenue in Bellingham for the launch.  Goods is the perfect venue for a novel that celebrates community and the joys of friendship. Come and have some  cake, toe-tap to the King’s music, dance if your feet insist,  and generally re-connect after the long Covid Aloneness.  Dogs and kids welcome.  This new edition of GRACED LAND  is $20 including tax and the author signing. The weather is going to cooperate as well.  Imagine that! Feel free to send this along to Elvis fans.  I will hope to see you there. Cheers, Laura