Hi RWB Writers!

Did you know that my TNP business will be SIX years old as of this coming October? I’ve been meaning to jot all of you a note of gratitude lately. YOU, my Red Wheelbarrow Writers community/family, have done so much for me to show/teach me:

*How to be a part of a thriving community

*How to lead and support others and be lead and supported by them

*How to take risks with creative ideas

*How to be vulnerable and authentic even as a leader who has responsibility

*How to manifest creative projects

Many of you have taken me aside over the years to offer me extra support during dark personal times or to provide feedback about how we as a community could make RWB even more thriving and vibrant. I have SO MUCH gratitude–I can’t even tell you the depth of it. And although my time has been taxed with TNP and with my new Wayfaring Writers venture with Lisa (not to mention my yurt project) so that I can’t make it to happy hour all the time, I hope you know the love I have in my heart for RWB!!!

I know some of you are considering joining Lisa and me on our next Wayfaring Writers adventure in December (details at https://wayfaringwriters.com in case it’s on your radar). As I was out for my run today thinking about how it would be an honor to have some of you on that trip, I was reminded that I wanted to jot you this note of gratitude. Whether you join us or not, I hope you know that it’s all your fault–my joy and success in my businesses. You’ve given me the gift of confidence because of how much you’ve believed in and encouraged me over the years.

Your fan,