As writers, we are constantly trying to build the ever elusive “platform,” are we not? One thing we can do for one another in our community is to LIKE and FOLLOW one another without reservation. It costs us nothing to add to one another’s numbers, while it means everything to a writer who can show his agent that he already has a readership. Below is a list of members’ author pages, twitter accounts, blogs, and websites. Go to these and join each other’s networks. As often as possible, live links are provided.

If you see a mistake here, or you missed the meeting where we passed around this list, email Cami at with corrections or additions.

Visit, Like and Follow Us!

Dawn Quyle Landau: Blog: Twitter: @DawnQLandau Blog. Facebook:

Dick Little: “The Write Stuff” Website:

Janet Oakley: Twitter: @jloakley. Website:

Cami Ostman: Twitter: @camiostman. Websites: and Blogs: and

Marian Exall: Friend her on Facebook:! Website:

Matthew Bronwer: Website:

Susan Chase-Foster: Blog:

Jennifer Wilke: Blog: Twitter: @Wilketweets.

Pam Helberg: Twitter: @pamhelberg. Blogs: and

Jolene Hanson: Blog:

Seán Dwyer: Facebook: Blog:

Kari Neumeyer: Facebook: Twitter: @KariNeumeyer

A huge thanks to Dawn Quyle Landau for compiling the above list of blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts, etc.