Hi Writers. We have a very special honor coming up right around the corner. Please do what you can to support this RWB-sponsored event!

As you probably know, Jenny Milchman, winner of this year’s Mary Higgins Clark Award and the author of Cover of Snow and Ruin Falls, will be signing at Village Books on Wednesday, May 21, at 7pm. She will then speak at a reception in the Book Fare Café (upstairs from Village Books) from 8:30 to 9:45 which has been organized just for writers. Tickets for the second event will be $12, available soon via Brown Paper Tickets or at the door.


We are very fortunate to have such a gem of a writer come through Bellingham. The stop originally was not on her itinerary, so we hope for a turnout that will put Bellingham on the map for other writers who are Seattle-bound. Our success depends on you. It would be lovely if you could buy a book (Jenny requests that we purchase from VB), but do come to the reading and the reception in any case. And bring friends. Packing the place would be the best way to show how well Bellingham writers support our fellow artists. Thanks for your help!


Here are Jenny’s topics:

Bookstore talk (free at 7pm on Wednesday, May 21 at VB):

13 Years, 7 Months, & 35,000 Miles:

One Writer’s Road to Publication Jenny Milchman’s journey to publication took thirteen years, after which she hit the road for seven months with her family on what Shelf Awareness called “the world’s longest book tour”. Her debut novel, Cover of Snow, was chosen as an Indie Next and Target Pick, reviewed in the New York Times and San Francisco Journal of Books, given the Mary Higgins Clark award and nominated for a Barry. Now Jenny’s second novel, Ruin Falls, has just come out to starred reviews. Cinderella story, dream come true? Yes, definitely, but there were also many struggles along the way. How much time should you devote to a goal that may never come to pass? Is it possible to “car-school” two kids? And what happens when you hitch everything to a dream?


Cafe Chat ($12–8:30pm on Wednesday, May 21 at Book Fare):

Two Roads Diverged:

Publishing a Novel Today Following the Village Books presentation, Jenny will discuss how the publishing world changed out from under her during the thirteen years she spent trying to get published, and what made her decide to stick to the traditional path. Would self- or indie-publishing have been a better option? If not for Jenny, then for another writer? This informal talk will contain plenty of opportunity for Q&A about one of today’s most in-flux industries, and the chance to explore which publishing path might be right for you.