2021 Cast of Characters

Albert Beaumont Olivier III

  • An unlikable timber magnate who has expanded his empire into tech and information. He lives on the estate on the bluff to the south of Westminster Academy, connected by a trail through the old growth forest. His grandfather’s summer home was the original Westminster Academy building. It’s his business to know what goes on with student’s wealthy parents. He also maintains connections to his lifelong logging friends. He interested in power above all else.

Angus Nightlie

  • father of Lisa; husband of Olivia
  • Scot whose family history contained a coat-of-arms and ancestors related to royalty

Annabelle Watson

  • daughter of Jack and Emerald
  • fifteen years old, lives with father

Debra Abel

  • finance director of the school

Don Martin

  • Troy’s dad

Dr. Peregrine McPherson (Perry)

  • headmaster


  • ex-husband: Jack Watson, Annabelle’s mom
  • boyfriend Zeph

George and Ginger

  • chef’s understudies/work-study helpers

Helen Martin

  • Troy’s sister
  • witch

Jack Watson

  • ex-wife: Emerald, Annabelle’s dad
  • workaholic, technology company

Jane Varner

  • headmaster’s secretary
  • worked at Westminster for 20 years
  • partner: Sybil

Joseph Yanity

  • Stillaguamish tribal leader
  • appears more white than Native American

Judson Trompe

  • oldest member of the faculty
  • a math teacher who fancies himself a poet

Justine Fellows

  • senior at Westminster, freshman tour guide
  • will be on fencing team at Pepperdine next year

Lisa Nightlie

  • IT skills and organizational abilities
  • Junior Assistant Deputy at Westminster Academy Department of Security
  • has a secret project – an invention she hopes will change law enforcement in ways unimagined
  • mother: Olivia; father: Angus


  • the academy cat
  • large of body, bobcat like in appearance, and regal in her manner
  • descended from Maine coon cat royalty
  • unexpected glowing yellow-gold eyes

Netta Shah

  • only person of color on staff (Indian)
  • environmental science
  • feels like an outsider at the school
  • raised in New York
  • father Rahil; mother Pooja

Olivia Nightlie

  • Lisa Nightlie’s mother

Phil Bradley

  • tall, good looking, dark hair in a ponytail
  • English teacher
  • unmarried
  • undercover agent

Ruffin Remy “Ruff” (pronounced “roof”)

  • chef de cuisine @ Westminster
  • tangerine frizz of hair, freckled face
  • mastery of plant and pastry prep in Berkeley with Alice Waters

Sean McGuffin “Sarge”

  • Lisa Nightlie’s supervisor at Westminster Academy Department of Security
  • Has the hots for Jane Varner


  • Jane Varner’s partner
  • glass artist

Troy Martin

  • senior at Westminster
  • nicely built

Vladimir Varyshkin

  • Olivier’s valet and fixer. He looks sharp in a suit. He appears to be of Russian origin.

Westminster Academy

  • location: bluff overlooking Puget Sound
  • once the home of a logging baron


  • Emerald’s boyfriend