2020 Cast of Characters

The Museum

  • built by Josiah Walker, logging baron who constructed the building as his private home 150 years ago then moved to Seattle
  • has served as:
    • jail
    • house of worship
    • bordello during prohibition
  • rooms, floors, and wings added over time to make exterior resemble a gothic wedding cake, a patchwork of grey stone and red brick, with turrets, porticos, and useless little Juliet balconies tacked on randomly
  • inside – rabbit warren of oddly shaped rooms, winding corridors, and staircases, some imposing and some no better than ships ladders.
  • impossible to heat or clean effectively
  • picture gallery with long-dead town worthies
  • stuffed Great Auk in the natural history diorama on the second floor
  • Victorian dolls in display cases
  • hairline crack in the dome over the grand staircase
  • clock tower at the top, iron spiral staircase leading to trap door beneath clock’s inner workings
  • four floors

Angela Marie Smithfield

  • Ted Davis’ mom

Antonia (“Toni”) Masters

  • realtor
  • tailored pants suits with stiletto heels
  • lipstick always matches nail color
  • blonde
  • husband – Pete

Andrew Stein

  • newest board member
  • planning consultant
  • moved to down from East Coast (Boston or Philadelphia)
  • good looking, average height and build, thin face with a hawkish nose, fashionably-framed glasses, dark hair cut close
  • mid-thirties

Archibald McNair

  • board president
  • professor emeritus of history at the university
  • 84 years old


  • mistress to Jeff
  • cousin of Andrew

Catherine Walker

  • great, great granddauther to Josiah and Lydida Walker
  • board secretary
  • long drive home from museum, 30 minutes, surrounded by woodland
  • didn’t have a happy childhood
  • museum docent
  • distant relative of Josiah Walker
  • shy, hates talking in public
  • drives a Prius
  • lives with her mother
  • has at least two cats
  • father killed in a car crash before he could explain (chapter 6)


  • the manatee

Chase Morgan

  • Ted Davis’ best friend in childhood


  • Jeff Hansen’s wife

Dr. Ruth Bader

  • town’s resident sage
  • counselor, author, former legislator, and wicked bridge player
  • seventy something, looks fiftyish


  • Achibald McNair’s wife


  • Ted’s mom’s astrologer

Jefferson (“Jeff”) Hansen

  • banker
  • lied about wife being sick
  • has a mistress – Carmen
  • has a key to Carmen’s apartment
  • wife – Dorothy

Josiah Disparais Walker

  • Catherine’s great, great grandfather
  • logging baron who constructed the building as his private home 150 years ago then moved to Seattle
  • distant relative of Catherine Walker
  • mutton chops
  • Civil War Union vet from Pennsylvania
  • made his money in the booming logging industry
  • married to Lydia Walker

Lindsay DeMan

  • young female museum director
  • hasn’t been in a relationship for a while

Lydia Walker

  • wife of Josiah


  • the great auk


  • Cathrine’s mom

Mr. Van

  • museum education curator (when Catherine was young)
  • Mr. V for short

Paul Hanson

  • no relation to Jeff Hansen
  • developer looking for a building with character
  • wants to create a high-end community with condos, galleries and a café

Pete Masters

  • husband of Antonia (“Toni”) Masters
  • drives a Porsche
  • lonely and bored
  • secretly wants to be a writer and write western romance novels set in Utah during the Nixon era

Sunburst Fawn-Flower

  • barista at Subdued Brews Coffee and Pub
  • lavender dread locks
  • three silver rings in her lower lip
  • kind and open, knows all the regulars by name
  • writer working toward and MFA
  • on her eighth draft of sci-fi romance set under the sea, set in the City of Atlantis

Ted Davis (v. the world)

  • full name: Theodore Chandler Davis III
  • birthday March 31, 1990
  • only child of Angela Marie Smithfield and T.C. Davis, Jr.
  • uses profanity
  • wears Carhartts and a motorcycle jacket
  • bushy beard and fingernails rimmed in black
  • runs for office, loses
  • degree in environmental policy
  • rides a bicycle

T.C. Davis, Jr

  • Ted Davis’ dad