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Red Wheelbarrow Writers is excited to support writers as they develop skills, learn about the publishing industry, build community, and have fun!  Check out our regular and occasional events to see how you can get involved!


Join us on the first Saturday of each month at 4:00 pm for our Writers’ Happy Hour. Currently our meetings are online through Zoom.

Register in advance for this meeting:

Open to all. Bring a writer friend, something to read aloud (no more than 5 minutes, please), and a few bucks to chip in for the wine. See you there!


RWB has a private Facebook page for National Poetry Writing Month, an annual project in which poets write a poem a day for the month of April. This is a non-competitive group of writers who encourage and cheer each other on.


Since 2014, September has been declared Washington Memoir Writing Month by the Red Wheelbarrow Writers in conjunction with Village Books and Whatcom Community College. Throughout the month there are classes, write-outs, readings and encouragement to write 50,000 words of your memoir. September 2016 saw the debut of RWB’s memoir anthology, Memory into Memoir.


November is National Novel Writing Month and Red Wheelbarrow Writers hosts a collective novel. Each participant writes one chapter of approximately 1667 words on their day for a total of 50,000 words by the end of the month. Then each writer who wishes to reads a portion of their chapter at Village Books in December.

Past collaborations:


About every six weeks, RWB’s Sean Dwyer organizes a retreat for writers at a nearby get-away. These are productive times spent with other writers in locations conducive to listening to your muse. At the end of the day, writers share what they’ve been working on. Stay tuned into the RWB Facebook page for updates about when the next retreat will be.