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Cultural Diversity

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by Betsy Gross I grew up in Edina, Minnesota and New Canaan, Connecticut. Anyone who knows about America’s suburbs will recognize these two places as being among the most exclusive in America. I tell you this because, while as a child I lived in privilege, in reality these two towns also suffered from being cultural […]

Resistance is Sometimes Futile

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by Marla Bronstein I’m a writing whore. When asked if I’d write on the topic of the word “resist,” and when I realized that it would be printed on November 5, I had to say yes. Even without thinking. As of November 4, I am 60 years old. I suppose that makes me actually in […]


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by Drue BeDo Hunkering, the inward coil wraps self into self. Ribs hug soul. Notice how, even as the air grows thin, concentrated breathing becomes the language of hope. We’ve been here so many times before. Snakes draw in before they strike. It’s how precision is crafted. Something sharp forms from such compression, yields the […]

Resisting in Spain

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by Karuna Tzadi Arnold Helena and Karuna age eleven, played soccer with the boys in their school. But the boys would not let other girls play, as they did not think they were good enough. The girls complained to their teacher Esther and she decided to have a debate in class. “Today we are going to […]

When a Word Goes to War

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by Jean Waight Remember the so-called War on Christmas—just another snit by Fox News, right? In the wake of last year’s presidential election results, we—secular and religious progressives, liberals, centrists, and presumably, a good many conservatives—have looked far and wide, and at ourselves, to explain the election. But I think we would do well to […]