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Resist! A Premonition

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by Carol McMillan Do you remember what you felt the week before the 2016 presidential election? As an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, I still nursed some anger at the Democratic National Committee and the media, feeling they hadn’t given him the coverage they’d given Hillary Clinton, but, still, we were about to elect the first […]

Searching For The Pulitzer

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by Dawn Quyle Landau I won the Pulitzer Prize for short story in May 1975. It’s been a struggle ever since. Where do you go from there? At barely twelve years of age, I didn’t really appreciate that there were a lot more years ahead, and I couldn’t just rest on the laurels Cushing Elementary […]

Never Give Up On Your Writerly Dreams

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by Janet Oakley I’ve been writing all my life, a myriad of stories from family history or my imagination brewing all the time. My first stab at storytelling came in second grade when after viewing a documentary about the first summit of Mount Everest, I was inspired to write my own tale, Funny Bunny Climbs […]