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by Matt Thuney We human beings are a cooperative species by nature. We have to be in order to survive. We come together for protection. We come together for growth. We come together to make our lives better. If we don’t come together, we fall apart. When human beings fall apart, civilization fails. There is […]

The Great American Collective Novel(s)

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By Cami Ostman Well, dear friends, NaNoWriMo is over. I had grand ideas of adding 50,000 words to my own novel in addition to facilitating our two RWB collectives, but alas, that’s not how the month unfolded for me. The good news, personally, was that once I added about 17,000 words to my own novel, […]

How to Become a Writer Part 3 by Laura Kalpakian

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The Romantic Particularist  by Laura Kalpakian  I have always thought that the perfect person to be married to would be an astronomer. Every day at work he would sit beneath the massive dome of an observatory and peer out into the cosmos, the distant constellations, the galaxies far far away. Then, he’d come home and […]