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The Pulitzer and Velcro: A report from the Chuckanut Writers’ Conference

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One of our Red Wheelbarrow Writers gives us her review of the Chuckanut Writers’ Conference. Thanks, Jennifer Wilke, for sharing your take-aways and your experience! THE PULITZER & VELCRO One writer’s report from the Chuckanut Writers Conference, June 21-22, 2013 by Jennifer Wilke Be confident. Learn more. Keep writing. Write better. It isn’t easy. It’s […]

What If We All Bloomed

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Victoria Doerper, one of our faithful RWB writers, sat down Sunday morning and a poem came to her—a poem about our community. Thank you for sharing your gift with us, Victoria! Here it is: What if We All Bloomed What if we all bloomed Truth What if push and shove, Take and conquer, Those bitter […]

How to Become a Writer Part 3 by Laura Kalpakian

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The Romantic Particularist  by Laura Kalpakian  I have always thought that the perfect person to be married to would be an astronomer. Every day at work he would sit beneath the massive dome of an observatory and peer out into the cosmos, the distant constellations, the galaxies far far away. Then, he’d come home and […]

How to Become a Writer: Part II by Laura Kalpakian

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 The Three Sillies by  Laura Kalpakian  Learn to worry in advance. Do this often, intensely, reflexively. Writers are always asking themselves: what if, constantly sorting through possibilities that don’t yet exist, considering what might happen, what could, bracing for the not-at-all-inevitable. This affliction, alas, cannot be confined to the page. The writer equally sweats the […]

The End of Superstion by Laura Kalpakian

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Quick announcements: Check out and sign up for our upcoming courses. Click here for details.     The End of Superstition by Laura Kaplakian They say that theatre people are among the most superstitious of professions. They cherish many, perhaps hundreds of taboos, most of them in place to ward off bad luck (as opposed […]