Call for Submissions

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Believe it or not, we are gearing up for our next anthology!!!!! This time around we’re doing strictly poetry and this is your call for submissions.

Please read this all the way through! Also, at the end of this page, you’ll see there is a call for team members. If you want to be on one of the teams, email or and we’ll make sure your name gets on the list!

We had a GREAT deal of feedback since Saturday night happy hour requesting that we produce a strictly poetry anthology. I have to say… I think this is the right thing to do. Since the idea for this anthology organically stems from the overwhelming response to our quarantine that was happening during April’s NaPoWriMo (and the poetry RWB writers produced during that month), a book of poetry feels like the right response to that organic conversation. The fact is that the idea CAME from the poets and was originally an idea to create a book of poetry. Many of our poets stretched their artistic muscles to write prose for the first two anthologies (with great success). I would love to see us honor the way they cheerfully and willingly put their poetry to the side for the efforts of the whole. And, as you may remember, poetry was specifically rejected in our earlier collected works. I’d love to see those of us who are not usually poets offering a similar spirit of generosity to something that was sparked in poetry month in the first place. I would also love to challenge those of us who are not TYPICALLY poets to try our hand, to stretch a little.

Susan Chase-Foster has offered several resources to help us gain confidence in giving poetry a try:

Poems often come to us when we’re doing mundane, quotidian things, often as a word or phrase at first, or maybe a question, then they begin to shape themselves in terms of beats, sounds, images, maybe even metaphors, and so on. Rather like a jigsaw puzzle at times. Or a painting or sculpture. 


  • Pieces must be poetry.
  • Authors can submit up to 5 pieces of poetry (or 6 pages worth of material).
  • Deadline: June 15.
  • Submit to the email:
  • You must be a Red Wheelbarrow Writer (defined as someone on our mailing list, who has participated in one of our collective works and/or someone who drinks with us from time to time).
  • Follow the formatting and usage guidelines listed below (e.g., 12 point New Times Roman font, compliant margins, etc.).


All submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee. Judges will put pieces into THREE categories:

  • Yes
  • Yes with edits as suggested
  • No thank you

The anthology will accept submissions until we reach 240 pages worth of accepted material or until June 15, 2020, whichever comes first. Get yours in soon!!!

Formatting and Usage Guidelines for Submissions

  • Word count: Varies, 5 poems or 6 pages worth of material
  • Deadline: June 15, 2020
  • Attach Word document and submit to:
  • Please no foreign alphabets
  • Bio: 45-50 words submitted upon acceptance


  • Font: 12pt Times New Roman
  • 1” margins, including top and bottom
  • Please format your piece as you would like it to appear in print. We will do our best to adhere to your formatting preferences.


If you are interested in reviewing submissions, proofreading, or another aspect of putting this anthology together, please send an email to