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by Diana Dodd

I have a photograph of a small bird that has in the grasp of its claws two separate pieces of pond grass. One leg is extended to the right and the other to the left, and then it is leaning forward to get a sip of water. That is what I call determination.

Determination does not come easily. It requires careful thought and a willingness to do whatever is necessary to reach a goal. In the realm of resistance, determination is key, because there will be times when the resistance succeeds and times when it fails. How many times did the bird attempt his trial of derring do before he achieved the fine balance that brought him success. It is easy, as time goes by and more and more happens in our country, to lose sight of the fierce resolve we might have felt on election night.

In order for the bird to balance on the moment the picture was snapped were all the times that the grass gave way or he misjudged the distance to the goal of the water and he shook his head to clear it off, and try another route. There are many ways to resist. We can support candidates both local and state when the option arises or even consider trying to serve in public office ourselves. We can write to our legislators both state and federal to protect the things we hold dear. We can promote organizations that assist those whose rights are in jeopardy. And on top of this, we must vote.

This first 100 days of the president’s term have been like a constant barrage and as confusing as being in the throes of battle. It can be hard to see what is happening when so much mud is thrown in the water. We must remain vigilant and informed. If a small bird can find the balance in his life, we can find the balance in ours and the determination to stay in the resistance.

4 Responses to “Determination”

  1. Susan Chase-Foster

    Diana, your balancing bird is a perfect visual metaphor for “determination,” a timely topic. Thank you!

  2. Laura Rink

    Love the picture. Determination can be hard to maintain, but important to renew it to reach our personal and political goals.

  3. Jean Waight

    Thanks, Diana. Nicely put, and a timely call for determination, because almost six months have slammed by since the election, and determination may have a tendency to fade. But no, it will not!

  4. Marian

    Lovely image, and yes, to be sustainable, we have to change our resistance activities around (and take a rest now and again!)


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