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Burn ~ Part 1 Investigation

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by Nancy Grayum We got burned. But as I simmer over the dismantling of the EPA, the outrageous bloating of a so-called “Defense” budget, the construction of pipelines, rolling of coal and oil trains and the fracking for natural gas, I also initiate an investigation of the contradictions in today’s energy culture and in my […]


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The smell of laurel and olive trees is impregnated in my skin. The scent is integrated and meshed with generations of my family. It was my great grandfather Elias, who had the original idea of planting laurel and olive trees on the small piece of land that he inherited from his father. Elias planted ten […]


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  RX for an Attitude of Lassitude: Poetry   Poetry is more necessary than ever as a fire to light our tongues.  -Naomi Shihab Nye, from Salting the Ocean   Don’t know about you, but since November I’ve been surfing salty, stinging waves of weariness and mostly wiping out. Sometimes, while reading a short story […]

Love Army–One Soldier at a Time

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She comes into my office. Slight build, long brown hair, brown eyes. Sanja (not her real name) is about forty years old. A second generation Indian (as in from India). She married a man she met in college and has two children, six and nine. This is our intake session and all I know before […]

Attention All RWB NaNoWriMo Writers!

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Dear Fellow Writer, Congratulations on your contribution to this year’s NaNoWriMo Red Wheelbarrow round robin novel Special Collections! Now it’s time to celebrate with a reading at Village Books next Friday, December 9, at 7 pm!   Please respond AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, but no later than Tuesday, December 6, and let us know whether or not you […]