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An Authentic Hero: My Rant on Resistance

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  by Jon Shaunessy I don’t expect much from anyone any more. I spent most of my life organizing people to stand up for something, almost anything, they could believe in, something greater and more important than themselves. I retired from trying to make a living at it but found it impossible to quit completely. […]

The Benefits of Being Wrong

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by Barbara Clarke We were in Best Buy looking to buy a laptop. But first, we were looking for a geek in the familiar blue shirt. “Someone who looks smart and won’t talk down to us,” we agreed. “Hey, how’s it going?” said a non-geeky looking young guy. We started to walk past him—too cool […]

Understanding The Other

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by Linda Lambert You may remember Laura Rink’s first Resistance blog on Ignorance in which she sought “to understand my fellow Americans better,” those individuals who were other—not white, straight, or middle class as she is. She developed a substantive list of ten books. Like Laura, I seek to deepen my understanding of others, to […]