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Apathy – The Eighth Deadly Sin

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I got my U.S. citizenship the old-fashioned way: I earned it. I filled out reams of forms, listed every address where I’d every slept more than one night, studied hard for the test, and sat for hours in the corridors of the Atlanta Immigration and Naturalization Service offices as my 9 a.m. appointment slouched toward […]

Writers Resist, Blog One: Sean Dwyer Has a Dream

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I have an advantage over you right now. I have battled a brain injury for two years, and at times I speculate that I am lying in a dark room in a long-term care facility. I’m in a coma. I have dreamt of a partial recovery, of the support of my friends, of personal growth […]

New Blog Theme for 2017

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In which we present blogs written by our members on the theme of resistance. We went around the table at yesterday’s RWB Happy Hour and here are but a few of the things we want to resist in the coming year: APATHY INERTIA HATE INJUSTICE INTOLERANCE RACISM MISOGYNY If you are interested in contributing to one […]