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Writing is Hard, So Write Like a Motherf*cker!

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by Pamela Helberg Writing is hard. Just a quick look at some of my favorite quotes about writing confirms this: If I waited til I felt like writing, I’d never write at all. Anne Tyler Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words. Mark Twain A writer is someone […]

When did I know I was an author?

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by Sharon Anderson I think I probably always had stories coming out of me. As a kid, I would gather up the neighborhood gang on the front lawn and tell them ghost stories – sometimes in costume. I’m not certain how I could have done anything else, really. But the kicker for me is looking […]


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  This summer as I visit the Idyllwild Arts program, I realize that it has been twenty-five years since I first visited the campus. I am accompanying my friend to a jazz concert in which her teenage son is performing. The first time I came as a student myself. Only I was no gifted musician, […]

Charming Notes

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In 2010 I was invited to write an essay, “How Many Writing Books Does it Take?” for a new print magazine, Line Zero. I used my bookshelves for my “research” and wrote about a variety of helpful books on craft, editing, finding agents—you know the “must haves” we succumb to, especially as beginning writers. I […]