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Explorations in the Sociology of Writing

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by Ben Frerichs A stranger in an even stranger land………the land of the writers. There are many worlds, each its own reality. I entered the world of the writers as an elder with no illusions. I found my way into the world of words through the portal of a catastrophic disaster. By way of Louisiana. […]


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Mary Wesley published her first novel at the age of 71, and then a dozen more before she died in 2002 aged 90. Her brilliant coming-of-age World War Two story, The Camomile Lawn, has been adapted for British television. I hope we see it here soon. Wesley is an inspiration, but I would not have […]

Teller of Tales, Lover of Life

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Ask me what I am, and I’ll tell you I am a storyteller. That hasn’t changed over the years. When I was just a child, my mother had to wait patiently for an answer to what she believed a simple question. “Why did the principal of the kindergarten call saying you were very persuasive?” A […]


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Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! –Lewis Carroll After I turned in the final drafts of each of my books–From Paradise to Puddledub (Coughing Dog Press 2002) Little Bookstore (2012 St. Martin’s Press) Public Health in Appalachia (McFarland Press 2014) Fall or Fly: the strangely hopeful story of […]

I’m Writing a Book

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by Anneliese Kamola I am writing a book. Well, trying. Should I admit to this? For context, I am a 29-year old, college-educated, white, bisexual, privileged woman from an upper-middle-class background. I only paid for my education through lack of sleep and stress—my parents paid the dollars. In the six years since graduating, I have […]