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The Pulitzer and Velcro: A report from the Chuckanut Writers’ Conference

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One of our Red Wheelbarrow Writers gives us her review of the Chuckanut Writers’ Conference. Thanks, Jennifer Wilke, for sharing your take-aways and your experience! THE PULITZER & VELCRO One writer’s report from the Chuckanut Writers Conference, June 21-22, 2013 by Jennifer Wilke Be confident. Learn more. Keep writing. Write better. It isn’t easy. It’s […]

Novella Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen by Laura Kalpakian

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Suddenly plucked from tie-dyed disdain, Marshall McLuhan—the Sixties guru and pop philosopher—is newly regarded with respect, certainly by anyone who has so much as a dingy afloat in modern media. From whatever angle you approach contemporary publishing—bookseller, publisher, editor, agent, publicist, author, wannabe author, reader, frantic traveler stuck on the tarmac with only your phone […]